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Petrell has developed a simulation system to calculate CO2 behaviour under various process conditions. Of special significance is predicting formation of solid CO2.

Solid CO2, also referred to as dry ice or cardice, can form under certain process conditions, for instance in connection with depressurization. The dry ice may then clog pipes or valves, preventing safe disposal of inventory of a process segment. Gaining insight into solid CO2 issues is of great significance for attaining correct design.

The development of SolidCO2Sim was based on an initiative from Total. Equinor, Gassco and Petronas have also been partners in the development. The project received support from the Research Council of Norway through the CLIMIT programme.

The software has been verified through the CARDICE project with experiments performed at INERIS.

Clients can benefit from SolidCO2Sim through services from Petrell.

Application areas

Blowdown of Process Equipment with high CO2 content.

Blowdown of initially supercritical CO2 will typically form liquid, vapor and solid. Accurate modeling of this process enables better design of the depressurisation system.

Identification of solid CO2 formation

Identifying risks associated with formation of solid CO2 is important. Using a multiphase flow modeling approach, we can help address these risks, by identifying where andn how much dry ice is formed.