Our clients include energy companies, operating companies, engineering and EPC leaders, consultancies, and classification societies. We are eganged in new development projects and modification projects.

YearInstallationDescriptionGeo area
2023ValhallFlange analysisNorway
2023Hugin AStagnant flow in 3″ titan lineNorway
2023EKOXFire integrity analysis Test manifoldNorway
2023FenrisAnalysis of hubsNorway
2023Halten consolidation projectHSE & Layout reviewNorway
2023Valhall PWPT ProjectFire integrity of flangeNorway
2023Manatee FEEDFire integrity Analysis existing and new process segmentsUK
2023Edvard GriegFire Integrity Analysis of BD/EQ manifoldNorway
2023Gina Krog projectRupture calculationsNorway
2023BalderFire integriy of flanges at BalderNorway
2023Valhall PWPT ProjectFire integriy of flanges Valhall PWPNorway
2023ValhallFire integrity of flanges Well N11 VNFNorway
2023RosebankRosebank BD and rupture calculationsNorway
2023Shell CruxBlowdown and fire integrity analysisMalaysia
2023Edvard GriegRecalculation of PW filter PSV lineNorway
2023– general –Fire integrity of long bolt connectionsNorway
2022Edvard GriegLow temperature analysis of fuel gas systemNorway
2022– general –Fire integrity of flanges in liquid filled piping systemsNorway
2022ValhallV5721 Flange analysisNorway
2022TjeldbergoddenTime to rupture analysis of MRUNorway
2022NOA & NCP (Hugin A)Flange analysisNorway
2022Alvheim FPSOA5760 flange analysisNorway
2022Alvheim FPSOFlange analysisNorway
2022Rosebank FPSO FEEDBlowdown (fire case, cold) and FO optimisationWest of Shetland
2022Ekofisk XFire integrity piping and flangesNorway
2022Skarv FPSOFire integrity of manholes on pressure vesselsNorway
2022Valhall Flank WestFlange analysisNorway
2022Åsgard BMEG improved robustnessNorway
2022Valhall NCPFlange analysisNorway
2022Aasta HansteenFire integrity of 30″ flangeNorway
2022Ekofisk BFire integrity piping  and flanges, entrapped volumeNorway
2022DraugenPower from Shore Layout reviewNorway
2022DraugenPower from Shore Layout reviewNorway
2022Åsgard B Fogelberg tie-inHAZIDNorway
2022Tor 2Recalculation of FONorway
2022Noise insulation cabinetFlow calculations and structural analysisGermany
2022Ekofisk JFire integrity of Greyloc flangesNorway
2021Johan SverdrupRecalculation of fire integrity of flangesNorway
2021– general –Flange analysis fire water systemNorway
2021Edvard GriegPFP strategy (basis for revision)Norway
2021Ekofisk JFire integrity of flangesNorway
2021RinghorneBlowdown and rupture calculationsNorway
2021Halten Øst FEEDHAZID HSE review leadNorway
2021MelkøyaFEM analysis of heat exchangerNorway
2021BacalhauFlange analysisBrasil
2921Åsgard AHAZID – LTF of hullNorway
2021Blane tie-inFlange analysisNorway
2021UlaFlange analysisNorway
2021ÅSGB MEG robustnessHSE & Layout review fresh water systemNorway
2021NOAKA WHPsDesign reviewNorway
2021Valhall Flank NorthFire integrity of flangesNorway
2020Ula (UFP1)Flange analysisNorway
2020ÅSGB MEG robustnessHSE & Layout reviewNorway
2020Valhall F4873Fire integrity of flangesNorway
2020Edvard GriegEntrapped volumes fire integrityNorway
2020Styrene and pentane storage tanksFire risk assessmentNorway
2020Flange analysisUpdate of models, material data, calibation to experimentsNorway
2020 ÅSGA – ÅSGBExport conditions, blowdown, leak detectionNorway
2020Alvheim FPSOFire integrity of long bolt connectionsNorway
2020Hydrogen aircraftFire integrity of liquid H2 fuel systemNorway
2020Hod tie-in to ValhallFire integrity of flangesNorway
2020DraupnerFire integrity of flangesNorway
2020Edvard GriegFire integrity of flangesNorway
2020Valhall WPPRFire integrity of flangesNorway
2020Skarv FPSOFire integrity of flangesNorway

Selected Resumes

Technical Safety

Petrell has been involved in the following projects as discipline lead or discipline engineer:

B – Feasibility study
C – Concept Study
D – Detail Engineering
FEED  – Front End Engineering Design

  • Tambar (execution)
  • Statfjord Late Life ESP (C, D)
  • Tyrihans (execution) (ÅGB scope)
  • Åsgard Min Flow (C, D studies)
  • Heidrun PPL (C, D and execution)
  • Kristin LPP (C, D)
  • Halten power from shore (B, C)
  • Oselvar – Ula modifications (C, D)
  • Norne M tie-in to Norne (C, D)
  • Gullfaks cement unit (execution)
  • Alve tie-in to Norne (C)
  • Sleipner IO facilities (C/D)
  • Njord IO facilities (C)
  • Sleipner increased exp press (C)
  • Marulk tie-in to Norne (C, D)
  • GF SPM upgrade (C)
  • Snorre A IO facilities (C)
  • Draugen (FEED)
  • Njord LPP (D)
  • Gygrid (D)
  • Kristin M&M (C, D, execution)
  • New lifeboats Grane (B,C)
  • Heidrun EOR (B)
  • Skuld (C, D, execution)
  • Troll B upgrade galley etc (D)
  • Troll B new life boats (C, D)