Who is the controller of data?

Petrell AS (the controller) is responsible for the control of your personal data. Webtron AS (the processor) is processing the data on behalf of Petrell AS.

What is the purpose?

We use standard tools for collecting data on our web site. The purpose is to reveal usage and needs so we can improve our web site.

What kind of personal information is being processed, and where do we find it?

You may opt to provide us with contact details (name, e-mail) by actively subscribe to our newsletter or submit the contact form.

We register general information on those visiting our web site, through use of Google Analytics and Lead Forensics. This enables us to see how many are visiting our web site, and which pages are being visited. We do not collect information about individuals, nor do we have the possibility to do such data collection.

If you do not want Google Analytics to collect information about you, you can install this extension to your web browser. There are also web sites that can guide you on management of cookies.

Do we share personal information with third parties?


How is information stored and deleted?

All information that we collect is stored in Google Analytics. We do not store your data locally, except in the case that you have made a subscription for newsletter. We will keep your data until you ask us to remove you or your e-mail address becomes obsolete. We do, however, prepare reports on traffic to our web site. This (traffic) information is not deleted.

Is it voluntary to disclose the information?

We cannot make exceptions for individuals. If you do not want to be a part of the general statistics, you should consider not to visit petrell.no.

What rights do you have, and what about jurisdiction?

You do have an unlimited right to get insight into what information we have store about you. You can demand this data to to be edited or deleted.

We comply with Norwegian jurisdiction.

How is data protected?

Only persons authorized to analyse trends and statistics on our web site are granted access to the data in Google Analytics. Data stored locally in reports etc. are encrypted on password-protected servers.

Contact information

Please contact us if you want insight in our data.