Multi-physics CFD and FEM tool

Brilliant is a general multi-physics CFD and FEM tool for simulation of flow and heat transport, including chemical reactions and solid materials.

All equations representing the relevant physical phenomena and processes are fully coupled and solved simultaneously, on the same geometrical model. This approach ensures that dependencies between physical processes and phenomena are taken care of, e.g. the flow in a pipe and the flow’s influence on the pipe wall and material, and vice versa.

We have developed a unique gridding system, allowing one-to-many relations between control volumes. This is very efficient when it comes to performing simulations on large geometries.

Together with Haug Technology, we have developed our own thermodynamic library – ThermoProp.

Brilliant also includes a material property library for solid materials. The library includes various steel qualities and thermal insulation (passive fire protection) materials.

Brilliant is an object-oriented system implemented in C++.

Brilliant is used for a multitude of applications, such as modelling and simulation of:

  • gas dispersion and smoke analysis
  • natural and forced/mechanical ventilation
  • jet fires, pool fires and radiation
  • evaporation, condensing and diffusion
  • flow analysis of complex geometries
  • heat conduction and heat convection

The features of Brilliant include:

  • Time-dependent compressible and incompressible fluid flow
  • Single phase flow
  • Multiphase flow including phase changes
  • Heat conduction in solid materials
  • Fluid flow in porous media
  • Material property library for fluids and solid material
  • Linear and nonlinear stress analysis (FEM)
  • Fracture modelling, fracture growth (X-FEM)
  • Refinement of grid during analysis
  • Simultaneous use of different time scales
  • Thermodynamic treatment of mixtures
  • Treatment of CO2 in supercritical, two-phase and solid region

The GUI is developed by Ceetron Solutions.

Flexible grid

Elements of length from mm to km can be treated within the same model. The grid can also be dynamically redefined, giving flexibility  in real-time when running your simulations..

The video below depicts a grid a grid resolution based on concentrate gradient of CO2 in air.

Brilliant uses a novel grid structure, allowing building with non-cubic shapes hexahedrons.

Derived systems

Brilliant is a platform for development of tailor-made applications. VessFire uses Brilliant as “engine”.

The following projects and systems are based on Brilliant:

  • VessFire
  • SolidCO2Sim – A version of VessFire that includes treatment of CO2 in the gas phase, liquid phase, and as solid (dry ice).

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