VessFire is developed for time-dependent, non-linear analysis of thermo-mechanical response of process segments and process equipment (vessels and piping) during blowdown, with or without exposure to fire.

VessFire captures all relevant physical phenomena which take place in these scenarios.

VessFire is used by clients and projects world-wide and is recommended by several oil companies.

The software complies with the requirements put forward in ISO 23251:2006/API 521 (2014) regarding dynamic simulation.

Use VessFire for:

  • Depressurisation analysis during fire exposure
  • Analysis of low temperature depressurisation analysis
  • Calculation of release rates and evaporation rates
  • Determine times and conditions of rupture
  • Sizing of blow down orifices
  • Optimisation of process plant (passive fire protection, blowdown valve sizing, pipe schedule, etc.)
  • Determination/verification of fire areas (process sectionalisation)

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A trusted tool

Process plants must be designed to prevent escalation in case of a fire scenario. The most recognized method of ensuring this is to run a fire simulation on a model of the plant. With VessFire, the user can verify the design of process pipes and equipment by putting them through a simulated fire scenario.

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Technical Description

VessFire solves the problem of heat transfer, conduction, thermodynamics of object contents and stress using a coupled approach. The following capabilities are included in the program and all are simulated with respect to time.

The precedence of VessFire lies in the dynamic calculation of thermodynamic and mechanical interactions. This includes:

  • Heat transfer from a fire to the fluid through insulation and steel.
  • Energy transfer within the segment
  • Mass transfer between liquid and gaseous phase in the segment
  • Mass transfer to flare header
  • Non-linear stress calculation

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