Petrell always strives to fulfill the needs of the industry. The following software are all tailor made and developed by Petrell to best fit the requirements of our clients. Brilliant is the fundation for all the tools, and is related to our simulations in one way or the other. As of today, commercial license is only available for VessFire.

Brilliant is a our general multi-physics CFD and FEM tool for simulation of flow and heat transport, including chemical reactions and solid materials.


Graphic user interface made to be used in combination with Brilliant.

VessFire is the leading tool for optimum design of process systems. Subscribe for a license today!

Simulation tool made for processes and phenomena taking place in the near wellbore area to obtain more efficient production of oil and gas from rock formations with cracking and solids production problems.

Solid C02 Simulator

Simulation system calculating CO2 behaviour under process conditions.


ThermoProp is a library for solving thermodynamic equations, integrated in Brilliant.