Simulation system for processes and phenomena taking place in the near wellbore area.

The Near Wellbore Simulator (NWS) is a simulation system built upon Brilliant for modelling and analysis of issues related to the zone near the wellbore.

Brilliant NWS is a first of its kind, providing seamless integration of flow in the reservoir, in the near wellbore area as well in the production (or injection) liner with rock mechanics and stress analysis, supported by complete thermodynamics and materials library. The simulation system combines CFD and FEM in the same geometrical model.

Clients can benefit from the capabilities of the NWS through analysis performed by Petrell (as commercial licenses are not available).


Knowledge of the behaviour in the wellbore area during drilling, completion and production is mostly based on experience and some physics; the tools available to analyse the processes taking place in the rock formation and the interaction between formation, fluid and equipment are primitive and more based on rules of thumb than actual modelling of the physics.


The vision and target of Brilliant NWS is to create a simulation system built on physical knowledge about material properties, thermodynamic behaviour, mechanical response, fluid flow behaviour in reservoir and production line, chemical reactions and the actual geometrical situation.

The physical processes shall interact in the simulator as they do in reality.

The simulator shall be a numerical laboratory for production planning, reservoir administration, case study of intervention effects and unexpected behaviour; contributing to safer operation, increased recovery factor and increased benefit.