YearInstallationDescriptionGeo area
2020ValhallFire integrity of flangesNorway
2020Edvard GriegFire integrity and blowdown analysisNorway
2020OppsamlingsbassengTechnical safetyNorway
2020ExperimentsFire integrity of flangesNorway
2020ÅsgardFire integrity and blowdown analysisNorway
2020AlvheimFire integrity of flangesAlvheim
2020AircraftFire integrity of fuel tankFrance
2020Valhall PHFire integrity of flangesNorway
2020DraupnerFire integrity of flangesNorway
2020Edvard GriegFire integrity of flangesNorway
2020ValhallFire integrity of flangesNorway
2020Skarv FPSOFire integrity of flangesNorway
2019HasselmusFire integrity and blowdown analysisNorway
2019Petrojarl 1 AtlantaFire integrity and blowdown analysisBrazil
2019Test siteTechnical safetyNorway
2019Troll BFire integrity of flangesNorway
2019Jotun AFire integrity and blowdown analysisNorway
2019Skarv FPSOFire integrity of flangesNorway
2019SnorreFire integrity of flangesNorway
2019Ula PFire integrity and blowdown analysisNorway
2019Tor/EkofiskFire integrity and blowdown analysisNorway
2019Johan SverdrupFire integrity and blowdown analysisNorway
2019Knarr FPSOFire integrity and blowdown analysisNorway
2019AlvheimTechnical safetyNorway
2018-2019Yme (Mærsk Inspirer)Fire integrity and blowdown analysisNorway
2018-2019Yme (Mærsk Inspirer)Fire integrity of flangesNorway
2018-2019Yme WHMFire integrity and blowdown analysisNorway
2018-2019Yme WHMFire integrity of flangesNorway
2018MungoFire integrity and blowdown analysisUK
2018Oseberg AFire integrity of flangesNorway
2018-2019Development of simulation system for advanced lower completion
2018Knarr FPSOFire integrity and blowdown analysisNorway
2018-2019Enhancement of flange simulation models
2017Fire integrity of flanges in fire water systems
2017Knarr FPSOVerification of passive fire protectionNorway
2017GydaFlare tip integrity assessmentNorway
2017Kårstø gas terminalRupture and low temperature analysisNorway
2017-2019Solid CO2 in storage and transportationNorway
2016Vessel blowdown analysisMalaysia
2016Kårstø gas terminalLow temperature analysisNorway
2016Martin LingeSmoke analysis ventilation systemNorway
2016 Platform Analysis of Blowdown and Formation of Solid CO2 Malaysia
2015 Platform Fire Integrity Analysis of Flanges Norway
2015 Onshore Facility Survivability Study US
2015 Other Sensitivity analysis of flanges Norway
2015 FPSO Depressurisation Study Netherlands/Brazil
2015 Platform Fire Integrity Analysis of Flanges Norway
2015 Platform Fire Integrity Analysis Norway
2015 Platform Study of Flanges Norway
2015 Other Testing of Steel Pipes Norway
2015 Platform Gas Dispersion Study Norway
2014Onshore Facility Vessel Survivability Analysis Australia
2014 Platform Fire Integrity Analysis Norway
2014 Platform Flange Analysis Norway
2014 Other Strength Analysis of Flanges Norway
2014Onshore Facility Low Temperature Analysis of Slam Shut Valves Germany
2014 Platform Smoke Study Norway
2014Onshore Facility Detailed Temperature Profile Study Germany
2014 Platform Flange Analysis Norway
2014 Platform Fire Wall Analysis Norway
2014Onshore Facility Analysis of Spherical Vessels and Flare System Norway
2014 Platform HAZID Norway
2014 PlatformFlange Analysis Norway
2014 FPSOFlange Analysis Norway
2014 PlatformHAZID Norway
2013 PlatformPFP Calculations Norway
2013 PlatformCold Temperature Analysis Norway
2013 FPSOFire Integrity Analysis of Flanges Norway
2013 FPSOFire Integrity Analysis Norway
2013 PlatformFEED Verification Norway
2013Onshore FacilityVessFire Analysis Norway

Selected Resumes

Technical Safety

Petrell has been involved in the following projects as discipline lead or discipline engineer:

B – Feasibility study
C – Concept Study
D – Detail Engineering
FEED  – Front End Engineering Design

  • Tambar (execution)
  • Statfjord Late Life ESP (C, D)
  • Tyrihans (execution) (ÅGB scope)
  • Åsgard Min Flow (C, D studies)
  • Heidrun PPL (C, D and execution)
  • Kristin LPP (C, D)
  • Halten power from shore (B, C)
  • Oselvar – Ula modifications (C, D)
  • Norne M tie-in to Norne (C, D)
  • Gullfaks cement unit (execution)
  • Alve tie-in to Norne (C)
  • Sleipner IO facilities (C/D)
  • Njord IO facilities (C)
  • Sleipner increased exp press (C)
  • Marulk tie-in to Norne (C, D)
  • GF SPM upgrade (C)
  • Snorre A IO facilities (C)
  • Draugen (FEED)
  • Njord LPP (D)
  • Gygrid (D)
  • Kristin M&M (C, D, execution)
  • New lifeboats Grane (B,C)
  • Heidrun EOR (B)
  • Skuld (C, D, execution)
  • Troll B upgrade galley etc (D)
  • Troll B new life boats (C, D)