Depressuration simulation of gas lift on Knarr

Petrell has previously (early 2018) carried out analyzes of the Knarr process system by optimizing passive fire protection and performing orifice calculations in connection with the installation of Mercury Removal Unit.

Related to a new gas lift line being installed downstream of the export gas coolers in 2019, Teekay Offshore Production now wanted depressurization simulations for a fire situation.

VessFire was used to determine whether the existing emergency depressurization arrangement for the Gas Export segment was satisfactory, and reviewed the FO size given the capacity of the flare system. In addition, the amount of hydrocarbons in the service line segment was calculated to assess whether emergency depressurization arrangement was required, and FO size calculations given that the required blowdown was included was conducted. The final report was delivered 3rd of April 2019.