Research and development has always been important to Petrell. The development of VessFire was heavily supported by the Petroleum Safety Authority (Petroleumstilsynet) and Statoil.

We develop simulation systems based on client needs and specification, using Brilliant as the platform.

We take on single client projects and joint industry projects, with or without financial support from the Research Council of Norway (Norges Forskningsråd) or Innovation Norway.

We co-operate with universities and research institutes and academics, and we arrange for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.


Abstract of Doctoral Theses:

Coupled Fluid Flow and Elasto-plastic Damage Analysis of Acid Stimulated Chalk Reservoirs– Nazanin Jahani, 2015
This doctoral thesis has been carried out at Petrell AS and the Department of Engineering Design and Materials at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), under the supervision of Dr. Geir Berge (Petrell AS), Associate Professor Bjørn Haugen (NTNU) and co-supervision of Professor Rune Martin Holt( NTNU and SINTEF Petroleum).