Modifications of depressurisation analysis for Petrojarl 1
Cold Blowdown Analysis of OKEA's Hasselmus tie-in to Draugen
Fire Integrity Analysis of Flanges on Heat Exchangers
Hazard identification of test site
Fire Blowdown and Fire Integrity Analysis of Johan Sverdrup RP mod
Technical safety and work environment analyses at Aker BPs Alvheim
Depressuration simulation of gas lift on Knarr Petrell has previously (early 2018) carried out analyzes of the Knarr process system by optimizing passive fire protection and performing orifice calculations in connection wit...
Fire Integrity Analysis of YmeAker Solutions AS has placed two contracts with Petrell to conduct fire integrity analysis (FIA) of the Yme New Development (YND).
Flanges exposed to fireFlange analysis is performed by use of Brilliant, Petrell's proprietary numerical simulation platform.
Low Temperature and Rupture AnalysisPetrell has performed an analysis of the SFP segment at Statoil's processing plant at Kårstø.
Review of Passive Fire Protection on Knarr Teekay Petrojarl has contracted to Petrell to review passive fire protection on the Knarr FPSO. Work includes review and update of fire scenarios and blowdown.
VessFire training course Kuala Lumpur 23-24 February 2017 There is an increasing interest for VessFire in Malaysia but also in other countries in the region.
Avoid unnecessary and costly passive fire protection There are numerous modifications to offshore oil & gas installations due to e.g. tie-in of new fields and wells.
VessFire 2.0: For safer process systemsPetrell launches version 2.0 of VessFire. Version 2.0 makes dynamic calculation possible for all processes involved in depressurisation.
Depressurisation and Fire Integrity Analysis - Petrojarl 1Teekay Petrojarl Production is executing modifications of the FPSO Petrojarl 1 for deployment at the Atlanta field offshore Brasil. The Atlanta field is characterised by heavy oil.
VessFire is being used in Umm Lulu project and NASR projectPetrell's proprietary software VessFire is being used in the NASR Full Field Development Project and the Umm Lulu Offshore Field Project in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
PhD thesis by Nazanin JahaniWe wish to congratulate Nazanin Jahani with her PhD degree on Coupled Fluid Flow and Elasto-plastic Damage Analysis of Acid Stimulated Chalk Reservoirs.
Gas Dispersion StudyBP Norge AS has awarded a contract to Petrell for modelling and simulation of unignited flare (flame out scenarios) at Valhall.
Fire integrity analysis of pipe flanges presented at Tekna Process Safety ConferenceGeir Berge presented "Computer-aided fire integrity analysis of pipe flanges" at the 2014 Tekna Process Safety in Oil and Gas Conference.
Petrell to present at Tekna Process Safety ConferencePetrell will present recent developments in fire integrity analysis of flanges at the 2014 Tekna Process Safety in Oil and Gas Conference.
New home page!Petrell is proud to launch its new home page. Even though our appearance on the web is different, our technology and competence are not. We welcome old friends and new guests.