Multi-physics simulation tools and consultancy services for optimum and safe systems

Consultancy Services

We perform consultancy services within system design, consequence analysis, safety and work environment. Multi-physics CFD/FEM simulations and project analyses are used intechangeably.

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Software Development

All our simulation tools and software are tailor-made and developed by Petrell to best fit the requirements of our clients. One of our products also provides commercial license to subscribe for.

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Worldwide Expertise

We are proud to deliver our expertice to a broad specter of worldwide companies. We have a close relation to our clients, and are always aiming at the best possible solution from safety and economical points of view.

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Our proprietary CFD/FEM tool, developed to simultaneously handle multiple physical phenomena. Simply brilliant.

VessFire is the leading tool for optimum design of process systems. Subscribe for a license today!

VessFire FAQ

Simulation system for processes and phenomena taking place in the near wellbore area.