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Technical Safety

We support existing and new clients in their concept studies, FEED or project execution, with resources and competence on technical safety and working environment.

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Blowdown / Segment Survivability

We use VessFire to analyse and assess blowdown capability. We assess integrity under fire and for cold blowdown conditions.

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Fire Integrity

We calculate fire integrity performance of piping, flanges, vessels and structures, including effect of passive fire protection.

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Gas and Smoke

We use our proprietary software Brilliant to model gas flow and smoke dispersion.

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Well and Wellbore

We perform a variety of analysis using the Near Wellbore Simulator, including:

  • analysis and comparison of completion technologies
  • analysis of fracking
  • analysis of flow/stress issues in the near wellbore region
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System Development and Research

We strive to stay on the cutting edge of technological development. Our services  and software solutions are under continual development and improvement. New software tools are tailor-made on demand for special requirements.