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Depressurisation and Fire Integrity Analysis – Petrojarl 1

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Teekay Petrojarl Production is executing modifications of the FPSO Petrojarl 1 for deployment at the Atlanta field offshore Brasil. The Atlanta field is characterised by heavy oil.   Petrell has performed a depressurisation and fire integrity analysis of the process systems, by use of VessFire. Work included optimization of depressurization with regards to flare capacity. PETROJARL_1T

Detailed Profile Temperature Study – Gassco

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A detailed low temperature study is performed on two segments on the¬†Gassco Emden project using VessFire 2.0. Both pressurisation and depressurisation analyses have been done with different conditions and valve sizes. The transient pressure and minimum steel temperature for each pipe in the segment have been determined. emden2_web Emden Gas Terminal, Germany. (Photo courtesy of Gassco)      

Martin Linge Smoke Study

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The objective of the smoke study was to investigate the effect of fire on the behaviour of the ventilation system and the risk that fire in one room might cause smoke to spread through the ventilation system and into other rooms. Parts of the Martin Linge living quarters were modelled, including the respective ventilation. The ventilation system was modelled as a balanced system including fans and the use of fan curves. Fire scenarios were defined and experimental data was used to model the fires. The results show the dynamics of the ventilation system with the effect of the respective fires for each case. Concentrations of smoke were extracted from the results and evaluated with respect to limits set by the Norwegian labour inspection authority.

Fire Integrity Analysis Rimfaksdalen

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We have completed a piping fire integrity analysis for the Rimfaksdalen inlet arrangement on Gullfaks for Wood Group Mustang Norway AS. The analysis comprised multiple fire scenarios and also cold blowdown.

Fire Integrity Analysis QCLNG Project

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A fire integrity analysis of selected vessels and connected equipment and pipework has been performed for the Queensland Curtis LNG Project. Results were evaluated with respect to acceptance criteria specified by the Client. VessFire was used for modelling and simulations.


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In order to address safety issues and flow assurance in CO2 rich processes, modelling and prediction of the formation of solid CO2 is important. With support from Total, Statoil, Gassco and CLIMIT, Petrell is developing a simulation tool capable of predicting solid CO2 in pure CO2 fluids as well as in mixtures. The development includes a new thermodynamic module, and treatment of solids as an integral part of the heat transfer and flow modelling. Preliminary showcases demonstrate depressurization and blowout scenarios where the two and three phase behavior with solid CO2 is essential.

Fire integrity of flanges

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Over the last couple of years, we have developed a scheme for analysis of fire integrity of flanges. The development was triggered by requirements put forward by Statoil in Statoil's technical requirements document TR3003 and in Guidelines for the Protection of Pressurised Systems Exposed to Fire (Scandpower). The scheme makes use of flange models that are modelled in Brilliant, and VessFire for calculation of leak rates. Fire tests of flanges were performed at the SP Fire Research laboratory in Trondheim, supported by Statoil and Trelleborg.